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Flat Out Friday is an indoor, flat track, motorcycle race on a Dr. Pepper soda syrup surface. Featuring eight race classes including Hooligan, Vintage and...

7/27 7pm

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LeAngela Aitken

LeAngela Aitken left a positive review 4/13/2017

I have no words to express how honored I am to be counted among those who know Coach Gary Waters. He is a giant among men who cares about building character in his circle of influence. God bless you as you begin a new journey. Retirement already looks good on you. Coach Gary Waters, CSU Men's Basketball Coach

Andrea Almazan

Andrea Almazan left a positive review 4/7/2017

It was great! I wish thy would have had spmething special in place for csu students. Like bathrooms and special rate tickets. If we host it in our gym we should get deals...

Yi Dong

Yi Dong left a positive review 3/3/2017

I have one suggestion, if in the event, provide some printing service, in case someone forget some documents or run out of documents, they do not need to go back to take it

Emma Kilgallon

Emma Kilgallon left a positive review 3/3/2017

I appreciate the connections i was able to make! It really got me thinking about possibilities and opportunities. Lot's of really friendly people were eager to help me consider different futures.

Andrea Allie

Andrea Allie left a negative review 2/4/2017

I didn't like it

Equanna Westbrooks

Equanna Westbrooks left a positive review 12/18/2016

Fall commencement was one of the proudest moment of my life! After years of hard work and sacrifice to finally get to the point of completion was very emotional for me and my family. I would not have missed it for the world.

Equanna Westbrooks

Equanna Westbrooks left a positive review 12/8/2016

The Unity Graduation was great. I was an intimate celebration that gave the graduates an opportunity to see current and old classmates they may not have talk to in awhile the opportunity to reconnect in a way that the actual graduation ceremony does not. The food was great and the speakers were inspirational.

Judith Terrigno

Judith Terrigno left a positive review 10/20/2016

Very nice--I wish I hadn't eaten lunch first or maybe taken a cooler with me: ) I was not aware of the conference rooms at the WC--the look good. Fortunately for me, I met Jennifer Kelly while walking over and received an impromptu tour. Since I assist with event planning, I am glad I took the time to educate myself on what is available on campus.

Wolstein Center

Wolstein Center posted a photo 9/12/2016

Wolstein Center

Wolstein Center posted a photo 8/17/2016