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The 2018 Cleveland International Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Materia Medica 

The Cleveland Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Materia Medica (MM) Forum is an international academic conference co-hosted by Cleveland State...

8/17 8am
Bingo for Books

Come play bingo with the Center for Student Activities and Invovlement for a chance to win over $1,000 in Viking Outfitter bookstore gift cards! This event...

8/27 11am
Campus Activities Board Open House

Meet the Campus Activities Board (CAB), which plans close to 100 events a year for CSU students. Learn how you can get involved in putting together some of...

8/27 11am
SGA Meet and Greet

Come learn about the plans that the Student Government Association (SGA) has in store for you! Get to know your student representatives and enjoy some yummy...

8/28 11am
Student Organization Fair | Day 1

Learn about our 200+ student organizations on campus! You'll be able to meet organization members, learn about events and find out when meetings are held....

8/29 11am

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Shalei Davis

Shalei Davis left a positive review 3/20/2018

I like it a lot it was fun

Antiana Wheat

Antiana Wheat left a negative review 2/20/2018

I expected so much more out of an event with executives and recruiters. Information given was very narrowed and blunt. There was no room to make relationships or connections. I was told several times " to just apply on the website". I would not recommend another career fair like this.

Raviraj Patel

Raviraj Patel left a positive review 2/1/2018

It was great !

Miroslav Bogdanovski

Miroslav Bogdanovski left a positive review 11/21/2017

It was great!

Aaron Ford

Aaron Ford posted a photo 11/14/2017


intadvisor posted a photo 10/26/2017

Najada Davis

Najada Davis left a negative review 10/7/2017

The Rock and Roll Ball of Fame had potential to be really really nice. I am personally very disappointed. I told many people about it and was ashamed when we arrived. It looked, felt, and sounded like a party thrown by someone's mom who isn't in tune with what a "good party" should be and was only worried about throwing a party because she felt obligated.

DJ was trash. I could've recommended killer DJ's that know how to get people dancing. There are DJs on file with CSU that are better.

The lighting was forgotten about.

The decor was bogie (1 under par).

There was way too much food and you couldn't find it in the dark. Water was undersupplied. Totally unnecessary to have bottles when we could had refillable cups.

From my perspective the dance floor was lit but it wasn't because of the DJ who was a constant disappointment. I swear, everything he played was made within the last three years, he only played semi good tracks when requested, and couldn't read the crowd for S***!!

The quality of these events do not meet up to the hype. They require attendence but the focus is never on giving the guests a genuine experience.

I'll probably never attend another campus party again, unless I was on the planning committee, Seriously.

And another thing. Why is it that the event was called Rock and Roll Ball of Fame and there wasn't a single Rock Song played??
There was No "live music." And we had to settle for a terrible DJ with no lights.

If you're going to plan an event you can't just buy any old half a** DJ, give people a dance floor, and set out fruit and hummus platters. You have to create an experience. That requires engaging sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. 4 Hours of dancing is not where it's at, Lol. Please utilize the students fees better and stick to the theme. The least you can do is set expectations and meet them.

Najada Davis

Najada Davis left a review 10/7/2017

On The Bright Side...I had fun.

I invited some friends and though we had to sweat out a couple gallons of water to keep the energy high, we still made the best of the night. At the end of the day, that's all you can ask for, but that shouldn't be the ONLY option. Which is what it felt like everyone was forced to do, to make something out of nothing.

Hit me up if you want guidance for your next event.

Nora Chafin

Nora Chafin left a review 8/31/2017

Rand out of food mid-way through the event and there we not many club representatives there. The few that were there were very nice, but as a whole, it didn't seem extremely welcoming.